You might all know about the Amazon affiliate program, but I am pretty sure that most of you don’t know even about Walmart Affiliate Program. Walmart Affiliate Rates is 4%.

Walmart is a very big company for retails, and it has a large number of stores in the USA.

They also want to establish their online presence instead of just limiting themselves to offline stores. So they started Walmart online store and their affiliate program.

Walmart affiliate program is among one of the alternatives of Amazon.

I know its rude to say it as an alternative but trust me it, As of now it is wrong to say it as a competitor of Amazon affiliate program which is the world biggest affiliate program.

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It doesn’t mean at all that it’s useless, you can even use it and can earn a very good amount by its commission. I will discuss this in later part of this article.

So in this article, I will try to cover all the topics related to the Walmart Affiliate Program. This article is so useful for you if you are planning to do affiliate marketing. Also, I will cover the Amazon vs. Walmart Affiliate Program topic.

What is Walmart Affiliate Program?

The working of the Walmart Affiliate Program is just like other affiliate programs.

Basically, in this system, you have to promote the products of Walmart on your site by adding their affiliate link. If someone buys something on Walmart by going from your affiliate link, then you will get the commission.

Make Money From Affiliate Marketing
Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate commission differs depending on the product, Walmart has a complete list on how much affiliate commission they offer on different products, so before doing anything, you must check that list. We will talk about this later.

In general, it is 4% for most of the products which is not at all impressive, but amazingly you can still make a good amount by such a decent percentage. I will tell you about this amazing thing. Just wait.

What Can You Promote?

Walmart site has a very wide range of products like their store.

It gives you a very good opportunity to work on any niche (topic) you want to work.

I will advise you to choose a very popular product of Walmart and do Keyword research to check competition, traffic and all and then make a site on that niche.

Promote Your Blog
Promote Your Blog

However, Walmart online store is still much behind from amazon when it comes to a wide range of products, but still, Walmart needs some appreciation for this.

I will suggest you work on a particular niche instead of broad niche because it’s easier to rank. Especially this is ideal for you if you are a beginner but ultimately its the best idea to go with broad niche if you are planning for the long term.

Categories of Walmart

Here is a broad category of Walmart, which consist of so many products.

  • Savings Center
  • Back to School
  • Electronics & Office
  • Clothing, Shoes & Accessories
  • Home, Furniture & Appliances
  • Home Improvement & Patio
  • Movies, Music & Books
  • Baby
  • Toys, Games, and Video Games
  • Food, Household & Pets
  • Pharmacy, Health & Beauty
  • Sports, Fitness & Outdoors
  • Auto, Tires & Industrial
  • Photo & Personalized Shop
  • Art, Craft, Sewing & Party Supplies

You can choose any specific products by going deeply in these categories, which is a very good way to find your affiliate niche.

What Is The Commission Rate of Walmart Affiliate Program?

Commission Rate of Walmart Affiliate Program is up to 4% on each eligible sale when a customer links directly from a link on your website and completes a qualifying purchase at

I am the one who really doesn’t like the decent commission rates of Amazon, and I expected that Walmart would offer something better then Amazon because they are a pretty new player in this market and we all know that you have to do something unique if you want to beat big competitors like Amazon.

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I was expecting that they will at least give tough competition in commission rates, but sadly, their commission rates are even lower than amazon in most of the cases.

Below you can see the chart which shows the affiliate commission rate of Amazon and Walmart. Have a look at it carefully.

Images of Amazon and Walmart Affiliate Commission

Amazon Affiliate Commission Rate
Amazon Affiliate Commission Rate

I know that Walmart has pretty low commission rates as compared to many other sites, but the conversion rate of Walmart is much higher than any other websites which end up giving you more income then any other even if the commission rate is pretty low.

Conversion rate is the percentage of people who ends up buying the product after clicking the affiliate link. Suppose 100 people click on your affiliate link, and only one person buys something then the conversion rate is 1%

Suppose if my affiliate link takes you to the Walmart website, the chances are high that you will buy the product because Walmart is a very big and trusted brand, but if my affiliate link takes you to any other ordinary site, then it is more likely that you will not buy the product.

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If you are willing to know that which has a higher conversion rate among Walmart and Amazon, then you will get your answer in the comparison part of this article so please wait.

How Much income Can you Generate?

Well if you are thinking about this question then let me tell you that it entirely depends on the number of visitors, conversion rate, commission rate, and price of the product.

The opportunity is endless; you can earn a very good amount, even with the low commission rate of Walmart.

Let’s take an example so you can understand it easily.

Suppose I decided to promote a Marcy air cardio fitness bike on my website which costs around 250$ in Walmart and it comes under the Sports & Outdoors category for which Walmart gives the commission rate of 4%.

How Much income Can you Generate
How Much income Can you Generate

I will write an amazing review of Marcy exercise bike to influence the maximum number of people to click on my affiliate link and to purchase through that link, and I will also do proper SEO to get a huge number of visitors.

Suppose If I will be able to make at least a single sale per day, which is pretty easy for me. Then 4% of 250$ is 10$, so I will generate 10$ per day and 300$ per month, which is a very good amount.

So, in this case, I generated a very good amount with Walmart affiliate even with their decent affiliate commission because of high product price and 4% affiliate commission, which is quite acceptable. So always make sure to promote those products which have high price and commission rate of at least 4%.

Generally, the product which has high price has high competition because everyone wants to promote such products for more income.

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So, always make sure to do proper keyword research before promoting any product to get an idea of the traffic in that keyword (google search query) and the difficulty of the keyword. If you are sure that you have the potential to beat the competition and if you are satisfied with the traffic, then go with it.

How to Promote Walmart Affiliate Products in 2022?

Before starting, you should know about the ways to promote Walmart affiliate products so you can use them to promote your affiliate products effectively.

1: Write Contents Related to The Affiliate Product on your Blog

This is the best and the most effective way to do affiliate marketing for any affiliate programs.

You have to write articles about the product which you want to promote on your website.

Write Contents Related to The Affiliate Product on your Blog
Write Contents Related to The Affiliate Product on your Blog

Like if you want to promote Marcy air cardio fitness bike, then you can write a review of it. If you are writing an article on Top 10 best exercise bikes, then you can use this opportunity to add the affiliate link of all ten products.

While promoting Walmart affiliate products on your site, you are not just limited to affiliate marketing; you can even monetize your site with Adsense to earn more income by ads.

Writing articles to promote your Walmart affiliate product is the best way because you can derive tons of traffic via SEO, and by writing high-quality content, you can influence people to click on your affiliate link.

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Some people make the mistake of directly adding their affiliate link on the content; you can do it by embedding an affiliate link on a buy now button because it really attracts the people to click on your affiliate link.

Pro tip- It’s better to embed your affiliate link on check price button because people want to see the price of the product in which they are interested while reading the article so in this way they will click on your affiliate link and there is a good chance that they will purchase if it suits their budget.

2: Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the old and the best way to promote your affiliate products.

You need an email list of your visitors to do email marketing. If you have no, then you easily collect it by using email subscription popup on your website, or there are many other ways, Just search about the collection of email in google, you will surely find some pretty good ways to collect it.

Email Marketing
Email Marketing

If you have a pretty decent email list with at least a hundred subscriptions, then trust me, this is the best thing that you can ever possess.

In email marketing, you have to send an email to your visitors in which you can promote your affiliate products.

Make sure to write an amazing mail for influencing people to buy from your affiliate link, and if your visitors have pretty good trust on you, then there is a good chance that they will buy.

Instead of directly sending affiliate link, I will recommend you to send the link of your article in which you promoted the product so people can understand more nicely about the product after reading your article, it increases the chance of buying.

3: Use Social Media to Promote

Using social media for the promotion of affiliate product is one the least effective idea.

Use Social Media to Promote
Use Social Media to Promote

Trust me; there are very few chances that people will buy. You will be able to generate a few sales only with this method and that too if you are lucky.

Still, It’s not that bad if you can generate some sales, but it stands nowhere near the articles method, but articles take a pretty good time to rank even with good SEO.

So you can generate some sales by social media until your site is not getting traffic.

Some Social media platforms don’t allow you to promote affiliate link on their platform.

So you can add the link of your article instead of directly adding your affiliate link.

How to join Walmart Affiliate Program?

If you want to join Walmart affiliate program, then you have to fill their application form in which you have to provide basic details including name, address, website URL and some details of your website.

How to join Walmart Affiliate Program
How to join Walmart Affiliate Program

You must need a website if you want to join Walmart Affiliate Program. You can easily make a website using WordPress, and there are a lot of good tutorials on youtube to guide you, so don’t worry.

Walmart application form is very straightforward and easy. You can fill it within a few minutes.

After applying they will take a few hours to approve it.

Once you are approved, you are ready to promote Walmart affiliate products, and you will also get Walmart affiliate links. After this step, you are finally ready to earn money from Walmart affiliate.

Some Useful Tools Offered by Walmart

Walmart offers some tools for their affiliate partners, which will surely make things easier for you.

1: Walmart WordPress Plugin

I think most of you reading my article uses WordPress since it is the most popular and highly used cms.

Walmart offers a plugin for WordPress user which will help you to add your affiliate link directly from Walmart website easily.

I think it’s much better than searching products manually on the Walmart website and then adding the affiliate link on your content which consumes a lot of times and its really frustrating.

Overall, this plugin saves a lot of time and efforts. I will recommend you to use this plugin if you are WordPress user and an affiliate marketer.

2: Walmart SDK

This tool will help you to add buy now button in your content, which is embedded with your affiliate link.

Walmart SDK
Walmart SDK

The best part of this tool is that if any person clicks on buy now button, then it will directly take him to the checkout page of Walmart which will save the time of that person because it reduces the number of steps taken to reach Walmart’s cart.

It also helps in increasing conversion rate since the user is directly going on the checkout page and it is more likely that he will purchase the product.

Remember that it will not do any big magic for you, but still, this small work can help you to get some extra sales. So I will surely recommend you to use it.

3: Walmart Chrome Extension

This chrome extension of Walmart will help you to find the best selling products on Walmart easily.

Walmart Chrome Extension
Walmart Chrome Extension

We should always try to work on the best selling product because it’s more likely that most of the people are searching for it and you can derive more traffic and sales from such products.

You can also find such products without this extension, but it will help you to save plenty of time, so it’s worth giving a try to this extension.

Walmart vs. Amazon affiliate program

Walmart vs. Amazon affiliate program
Walmart vs. Amazon affiliate program

Finally, we are going to compare Walmart with Amazon affiliate program. I will decide which one is better on the basis of commission, conversion rates, and availability because they are the biggest factor to choose an affiliate program.

1: Conversion Rates

Amazon is the king of conversion rates, and no one could beat it in this because, for most of the peoples, Amazon is the destination to buy everything online. So its more likely that a person will buy the product if he is going on amazon as compared to any other sites.

Walmart has pretty good conversion rates and its better as compared to many others because of its brand value, but its nothing in front of amazon in terms of conversion rate.

When I researched, I found that most of the people are only able to get an average conversion rate of 1% in Walmart. According to me, the average conversion rate of Amazon is 5%. It could be anything, but I know one thing that it is much more than Walmart or any other affiliate programs.

2: Commission

Walmart and Amazon both have decent commission rates, but still, Amazon has more commission rates than Walmart in many cases, but Walmart is not too far behind.

Walmart also has high commission rates than Amazon in some cases.

Even If Walmart has a high commission rate on some products, you will earn more from amazon. Yeah, I am not kidding, that’s why I told you about conversion rate first.

This happens because more people will buy in the case of Amazon as compared to Walmart. So you will be able to generate more sales on Amazon, and because of this, you will earn more income even if Walmart has more commission in some cases.

The high conversion rate of Amazon really covers their decent commission rate.

3: Earning

It’s entirely dependent on commission and conversion rates, and Amazon won in both cases.

So it’s a common-sense that you will earn much more income from Amazon as compared to Walmart or any other affiliate program.

Mark my words, No one could even touch Amazon affiliate program in terms of earning.

4: Availability

Walmart website is only available in the USA so you can use it if your site targets US audience. If you get visitors from other countries, then you cant generate sales with Walmart.

Amazon is available on almost every country, so if you are targeting any specific country other then the US, then you can use Amazon affiliate on that country.

Amazon is the clear winner here because it is available in so many countries, and Walmart is limited to the USA only.

Shall I go with Walmart or Amazon Affiliate Program?

I think you already decided to go with Amazon because of income. But wait, you can also use Walmart with Amazon because there is no such restriction that you have to choose one affiliate program only for your site.

You should give more priority to amazon over Walmart because of more income but still, if some product is not available in Amazon, then you can use Walmart in that place.

You can also add the affiliate link of both Amazon and Walmart. So user can decide to buy from where but I think that the idea of giving priority to amazon is more good.

You can also use the Walmart in case you want to offer the best buy links to visitors means link of the site where the product is cheapest. So in case, Walmart has the lowest price then you can add its affiliate link.

Pros and Cons of Walmart Affiliate Program

I think that after reading my article, the pros and cons of Walmart affiliate program are clear in your mind because I mentioned every good and bad part of Walmart.

Still, if some of you have not read my entire article and want pros and cons then here is the short summary of the pros and cons of Walmart

1: Pros

  • Pretty good conversion rates
  • Wide range of products
  • Offer some tools which make your work easier
  • It’s easy to fill the application form
  • Quick approval of the application form
  • Highly reputed

2: Cons

  • Decent commission rates
  • Available in the USA only
  • Far behind from Amazon


I hope that now every point is clear about the Walmart Affiliate Program.

I tried to cover everything related to the Walmart Affiliate from my end, and I hope that you understood them all.

I am sure that this article will surely help you somehow in your affiliate marketing journey.

Still, if you have any doubt related to the Walmart Affiliate Program, then feel free to ask me in the comment section. I will be my pleasure to help you.

Thank you so much for reading my article and for giving your precious time to it.


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