SEO is a never-ending battle. Everyone these days are fighting to rank on the first page of Google and its continuing. If you are only putting effort on content and not doing off-page SEO then you will always on the behind the race. Best off page seo techniques for Blogger.

SEO can be divided into two parts: on‐page SEO and off‐page SEO. We have already discussed the on-page SEO checklist before. Now it’s time for the off-page SEO.

Off‐page SEO includes any efforts you take outside of a website to improve its search engine rankings.

People often consider off-page SEO like link building and something like that. But it is not just link building. This is a part of off-page SEO and there are a lot more to talk about this.

So let’s see the off-page SEO checklist.

25 Off-page SEO checklist Techniques in 2022

Here is a list of 25 off-page SEO techniques you should follow to stand out in the competition.

1: Competitor Research

You probably not the first player in a particular niche. If yes then you don’t need to do the competitor analysis because you would be the competitor for others. But the changes are very negligible and you may not be the first.

However, the first thing you need to do in off-page SEO is competitor research. You may already know who the big players in your niche are.

Competitor Research
Competitor Research

In SEO your top competitors are those who rank already in the first page of SERP for the keywords you’re targeting.

The competitors are doing some good job that’s why they are ranking on the first page. So you can replicate the same and your site will perform better.

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On the flip side, the competitor may be using some black hat tactics that are against Google’s or Bing’s guidelines. These will help than for a short time but not for the long run. Once the search engine detects the tactics, the site will be penalized. So you should not do that and don’t follow them blindly.

Another benefit you will get by doing competitor research is keyword ideas. You will find the keywords your competitor is ranking for and the related keywords.

Check competitor’s backlink profile also. This is a great way to find new link opportunities. As the referring site has given a backlink to your competitor, then the chances of getting backlink are high. You can show your content and ask for a link.

2: Focus on Creating High-Quality Content

Needless to say, that content is king. Whether content is king or queen, it’s awesome.

Content is the best and most efficient medium to connect with your audience, create brand awareness, showcase your expertise in that niche, and build trust.

Focus on Creating High-Quality Content
Focus on Creating High-Quality Content

Always try to create high-quality and best possible content. There is a flood of content over the internet and how your content will be stand out? The answer is high-quality content only.

If you want to Create a Blog and post random content, then it will not help you in the long run. Try to publish some quality content.

Quality contents are like a magnet and drive people towards your site. It will generate hundreds of quality backlinks as well. You probably know the power of backlinks.

Rather than doing a lot of stuff, focus on creating valuable high-quality content. Now you won half the battle.

3: Solid Internal Linking Strategy

If you have already read my on-page SEO checklist, then you noticed that I have covered this point there also.

Internal linking is often overlooked by site owners and they lose a lot of benefits. Optimized internal linked pages can put a huge difference in your overall rankings.

Solid Internal Linking Strategy
Solid Internal Linking Strategy

Internal links in a page indicate that they are relative to other pages on the site. This shows the authoritativeness in a particular niche and search engines take special care to that page.

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Don’t just put interlinks anywhere in the page and throw keywords. Smart search engine optimization techniques tell that interlink the pages so that each link will pass some SEO juice to other interconnected pages on the site.

There is no parameter that shows you how much SEO juice a link pass to another page. So let’s assume that this thing happens in real and passes some SEO juice.

Interlinked pages having related topics provide a rich experience for the users. This shows visitors that this blog specializes in that topic.

Remember that internal linking is no longer only about the number of links you have in a post. The quality of links to your pre-existing internal pages is important.

4: Guest Blogging

I am hearing that guest blogging is dead. This phrase has some potential even. Google officially announced this in 2014. But it’s been more than four years since the announcement.

So why I have mention this point in this off-page SEO checklist article?

Guest Blogging
Guest Blogging

If you would ask me that is the guest blogging dead? My simple and straightforward answer would be “not at all”.

So what about Google’s announcement? Google just wanted to stop the low‐quality guest posting.

Thousands of people still use this white‐hat link-building tactic to build links to their site. It is still alive and remains highly effective.

By contributing to other authoritative blogs in your niche improve your online authority. This also helps you to build your loyal user base and best for the long run.

Most guest blogs that accept guest post allows you to leave a link to your own site. In this way, you will get a backlink from that blog. This will help you to strengthen your backlink profile.

Putting a link in the guest blog also have some additional benefit. Guest blogging gives you some additional referral traffic. You not only get some random traffic. You are getting high quality targeted traffic.

5: Content Marketing

As of now, I assume that you have created high-quality content and published it. Now it’s time to promote your content and let the world know.

There is no doubt that content marketing is one of the most effective and recommended ways to reach new customers.

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

You can invest in guest blogging as it is one of the best online marketing strategies.

There are tons of contents on the web and thousands are producing every second. If you are not promoting your content then it will be hidden under a stack of contents. Better you promote your content the more you can get.

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The thumb rule for ant content marketing starts from the audience. Understand the target audience you are trying to reach. So all your content marketing efforts are not a waste of time.

Once you figure out your audience, focus on marketing and how your content can benefit them.

There are several media of content marketing and varies. Try different medium and figure out what fits you. Then try to put more efforts on that.

Have patience. Content marketing is a long term game. It takes time for the results to be visible.

6: Link Building

If you are in the SEO space from a while you just heard the word “link building”. Google is consistently crafting its algorithm and making it more powerful. 

But backlink is the number one ranking factor of Google.

Link Building
Link Building

After knowing the fact everyone these days are running after link building and trying to build links as many as possible.

Not all links are created equal. But Google is now focusing on the quality of backlinks rather than quantity. Rather than building low-quality links from hundreds of websites, take your time and try to build some quality backlinks from high authoritative websites.

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Why Google is putting more emphasis on the links? Links to a site indicate Google the authority of that website and have quality articles.

There are several link building strategy you can use to get more backlinks to your site. But that’s the discussion for another day.

In short, if you have created a super in-depth and quality article you will get natural backlinks. Quality contents are like a magnet that drives natural backlink.

7: Link Cleanup

We know that links are important for SEO. But bad links are toxic for your site’s SEO. Sometimes your compotator tries to down your ranking by building many bad backlinks.

Link Cleanup by Google’s disavow tool
Link Cleanup by Google’s disavow tool

Some site owners are also buying backlinks form freelancing site in few dollars. This is one of the worst SEO practices. Those links are always spammy and from there grade websites. The links are also generated from automated tools and bots. Your site would penalize by Google. You should never buy backlinks.

You can check your backlink profile through Ahrefs (some free backlink checker tools also available). Moz Link Explorer is also helpful for this purpose. Now Google Search Console is also showing backlinks.

Then identify the bad backlinks and its time for the link cleanup.

You can use the manual process by contacting the site owners and tell them to remove the link of your site. Most of the time it does not work.

You can also use Google’s disavow tool to remove bad backlinks. These also help you for link cleanup. In this way, Google will not count those spam backlinks in your backlink profile.

8: Diversify Anchor Texts

With the release of the Google Penguin update, the importance of over-optimization comes into play. Webmasters were trying to stuff keywords in anchor text and getting backlinks.

Anchor text refers to a single word or phrase (or a sentence sometimes) that appears in underlined, clickable text on a website. Anchor text has a link that’s structured in HTML like this:

Types of Anchor Text

  1. Exact-match: Anchor text is “exact match” if it includes a keyword that mirrors the page that is being linked to. For example: ‘link building‘ linking to a page about link building
  2. Partial-match: Anchor text that includes a variation of the keyword on the linked-to page. For example: ‘free SEO tools‘ linking to a page about Seo Tools Website.
  3. Branded: A brand name used as anchor text. For example: ‘Google‘ linking to an article on the Google Blog.
  4. Naked link: A URL that is used as an anchor ‘‘ is a naked link anchor.
  5. Generic: A generic word or phrase that is used as the anchor. “Click here” is a common generic anchor.
  6. Images: Whenever an image is linked, Google will use the text contained in the image’s alt attribute as the anchor text.

Using same anchor text words over and over in the links looks ugly and likely to get you penalized. Instead of repeating the same keyword, again and again, diversify the anchor text that you use in your link building efforts.

Once you perform backlink analysis of your site you will get the full report of the anchor texts that are driving the backlinks.

Then you can contact the webmasters those are linking to you and tell them to change the anchor text that over-optimized. Otherwise, build new backlinks with different anchor text phrases.

9: Influencer Outreach

With the growth of the internet, new ways of marketing channels are opening. One of the newest ways is influencer outreach.

It is a powerful and alternative way to traditional advertising and a very effective way of promoting the brand and creating brand awareness.

An influencer is an individual who has some followers in a particular niche and actively engage them. Influencers always provide valuable and trusted information that they have expertise.

As the audience always trust their influencer, it is a great way to promote your content through them. In this way, your content will be in front of thousands of targeted audience.

As they have accoutred some followers in the course of time, you just need to pay them to share your content with their audience. Influencers pricing varies according to its audience size.

10: Build a Relationship with other Bloggers

Building a relationship with the other bloggers in your space will help you a lot. This is one of the best off-page SEO practices you can use from today.

Co-Founder of Moz, Rand Fishkin says “don’t just build links, build relationships”.

Build a Relationship with other Bloggers
Build a Relationship with other Bloggers

No matter in which level you are right now. You will find some helping people those are always welcome a new blogger like you.

You can learn a lot of things from him and can apply those techniques into your blog. They may also allow you to put a guest post on their site and you will get some quality backlink.

They also share your article with their audience and you will get some additional traffics also. So start building a relationship with other bloggers and get the benefits in the long run.

11: Vivid Social Media Presence

Vivid social media presence helps you to grow fast in the competitive world. Make your presence in every major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

After producing content make sure to spread its major social media platforms. Make pages for your blog and post on it regularly. Slowly you will build an audience base and you have some followers.

Vivid Social Media Presence
Vivid Social Media Presence

May sure you are providing them value continuously so that they will stick with you forever. A strong social media presence builds reputation and authority. After you post on your social media handles, your followers will come back to your site and read the articles. They will share the article and spread it.

Top Social Networking Sites in 2022

NoSocial Networking SitesDAPA

In this way more and more people will come to your blog and your traffic will drastically increase. This also leads people to link to your site if they found anything relevant or interesting.

You need to make this process continues and you will get a better response.

12: Active and Interact on Forums

Forums and groups are a great way to find some relevant people in one place. Forums allow them to discuss with each other and share the knowledge.

As a blog owner, you need to be present in the blogs and participate in the discussions. No need to join random groups and spam them. Just join some of the good forums and Facebook groups in your niche.

Active and Interact on Forums
Active and Interact on Forums

Most of the time peoples on the forums discuss the issues they are facing and wants the solution. As you have expertise in the same niche, you can solve their issues. The changes are you have written a blog post on your blog on that topic.

You can join the group and start giving your contributions. You can give people the URL of your post that solves their problem. They more likely visitors your blog and read the post.

If they got the answer they are searching for or some interesting they will spread it and more people will come to your blog.

List of High PR Forums Submission Site in 2022

NoForums NameDAPA
1 forum.joomla.org9277
3 MySql Forum9367
4Digital Point Forum7563
5Coding Forum5155
6Delphi Forum6158
7Sitpoint Forum8656
8FileZilla Forum8159
9Waririor Forum6463
10Microsoft Forum10072

Don’t spam their platform by posting links everywhere. Most of the forums will kick you out if they found doing this. Most of them don’s allow any king of promotions in their platform or group. So keep it in mind.

Instead of that, make the process natural and helps people out with your goal to aware people about your blog.

Forums and related groups in your niche give a great way to build a loyal audience base.  

13: Use Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking websites give blogs to get more visitors. This also helps to get a lot of traffics. These are sites that allow users to share their web pages and other media file.

Use Social Bookmarking Sites
Use Social Bookmarking Sites

It is not fair if I say you will get quality backlinks from the social bookmarking site. We are in 2019 and the age of Google Rank Bran and sophisticated algorithms.

Instead of that, there are several other benefits of these type of sites. These bookmarking sites have millions of regular users. You can get your potential customer from these sites and grow your blog.

Popular and High PR Bookmarking Websites in 2022

NoBookmarking WebsiteDAPA
9 www.scoop.it9274
10 slashdot.org9175

These platforms are a great way to promote your content or service. You can get quality leads from these sites as well.

14: Directory Submissions

Back in the days, directory submission was a great strategy to get quality backlinks. Gone are the days where you can take one simple strategy and want to build a high traffic website.

You have to try many things to get higher rankings for your sites.

Many directory submissions sites are having enough spam score and dangerous for your blog. Too much of this may lead to Google penalty. There are some free directory submission sites having high DA (domain authority) and lowest spam score.

Free Directory Submission Site List in 2022

NoDirectory Site NameDAPA
5 www.blogadda.com5363

These days directory submission sites lost their craze and just survive. You can just submit your site and hope you will get some link juice and traffic boost.

15: Question and Answer Sites

Question and answer sites also a good way to get some additional traffic. People join these types of sites to get their answer. So these are a good place to get backlinks and good traffics.

Question and Answer Sites
Question and Answer Sites

Find a site that relevant to your niche and starts giving answers to the questions. You will find many questions regarding your niche and try to answer them with your best.

Best Question and Answer Websites in 2022

NoWebsite NameDAPA
1 www.quora.com9376
2 www.reddit.com9786
3 www.linkedin.com9893
5 stackexchange.com9168

With the answer try to put relevant article links on the answer. This helps you get some additional traffic to your blog.

16: Infographics Submission

These days infographics are highly accepted by the readers. Visually rich representation of data is grabbing attention and getting popular.

Infographics Submission
Infographics Submission

This is now a new form of content and a great way to grab attention. A lot of SEO experts recommending to use infographics in articles.

There is various infographics submission website available that allows you to submit your infographics there. In addition to that, you can place the link and drive users to your blog.

Free Infographics Submission Sites in 2022

NoInfographics Sites NameDAPA

You can use the same infographics in your site and make your blog more attracting. This also increases user attraction and them more likely to share them.

17: Article Submission

Like infographics, you can also submit articles on various websites. There are several websites that allow article submission.

They also allow you to give links in your article to your blog. This a good way to get quality backlinks and extra traffic.

Article Submission
Article Submission

The websites are well established and they only allow articles that provide value to their users. They have millions of active users and they don’t allow you to spam their system. Make sure your article should be of high quality and unique.

Free Article Submission sites in 2022

NoArticle Submission SitesDAPA
1 github.com9786
3 thefreelibrary.com7665
4 articlecube.com4856
5 ezinearticles.com8772

Choose a good topic and write an in-depth article on it. Make an appealing headline so that it can grab people’s attention.

18: Link to Others and Let Them Know

In your blog, you write articles and sometimes give some reference links to some other blogs. This is obvious and everyone does this.

If someone has written a super thorough article on a particular topic and you have included the topic in a sentence. Better to link to them rather than writing the whole thing again that is not needed in that portion of your article.

If you are linking to someone, then it is always good to let them know. This way you are showing your content to them indirectly.

To get some idea about round-up post-visit to some other blogs in your niche that are doing the same. If you are in SEO niche you can create a round-up post like “What is the future of SEO in 2021 and beyond?”

This is one of the round-up post topics that drive hundreds of traffic to your blog. So according to your niche, create a piece of content that will grab users attention. So they more likely to share your post.

If you are mentioned them they may share your article in their user base. This way you can get some quality traffic as the person is recommending you.

This way your blog is in front of their loyal users and the also more likely to read and share your article as well.

19: Video Marketing

Video is everywhere. Video contents are getting extremely popular and people are like crazy on it.

Some frontline content creators are forecasting that video is the future. No one knows what will happen with the video in the future as it is unpredictable and no one can give the guaranty.

Video Marketing
Video Marketing

By seeing the present situation we can assume that the video will be the future of content.

As a content creator or blogger, you shouldn’t avoid the power of video content. However, today or tomorrow you need to put your hand on video content creation.

Produce your video content and let people know about it. Video platform like YouTube is giving the platform to put and promote your video contents.

20: Run Surveys and Create a Case Study

People love research data as it is practical and real-world case studies. This also a great off-page SEO technique and you can take advantage of it.

In your niche, run surveys and try to reach to as many people as you can. Run some case studies as well. Pick some topic and collect people’s opinions on the same.

Run Surveys and Create a Case Study
Run Surveys and Create a Case Study

After collecting the raw data you can analyze it and make it an interesting case study. You can make an article on it and describe the entire process that you have done.

Another blog in your niche mentions your case study in their article. In addition to that, they also give a link to your blog as you have done the research and they are using it.

This is a great way to get some quality backlinks to form authoritative sites. 

21: Write Reviews

If you have an online store, or niche where you can write product reviews, then this is a good off-page SEO technique.

Write Reviews
Write Reviews

In detailed product reviews on your niche gives a positive signal to your users as you are doing the hard work for them. They think you are doing a lot of research and make it easier to find the right product for them.

Product manufacturing companies may mention you on their website that you have reviewed their product and recommend your audience about that.

22: Create an Expert Roundup Post

Have you seen any post having thousands of social shares and hundreds of comments and hope you will have a post that has the same?

Well, everyone has seen it and also wanted the same. Who doesn’t want to be popular and go viral?

Create an Expert Roundup Post
Create an Expert Roundup Post

One the way you can get this king of user engagement is, create an expert roundup post. Many people have done this before and got a great response.

Pick a topic in your niche and reach out to some of the established peoples in the same niche. They are experts in the niche collect their point of views on the topic.

People love expert advice and you are giving them the same. Moreover, you are giving them the opinions of many experts in a single article.

The experts may share your blog post in their social profiles as you have mentioned them in the expert panel.

This will help your blog to get more traffic and grow your authority. You can build relationships with these experts that help you in the long run.

23: Reach Out to The Media

Another way to get mentioned in the publication is this. Media publications are always in search of contents.

Reach out to the journalists and show them your article as a reference. Sites like Help A Reporter are made for these purposes. 

Through these platforms, journalists always submit requests for contributions on a certain subject. There are a number of subjects and if it matches your expertise or blog niche, then respond with an answer and try to request a link back to your site.

In this way, you can get backlinks from authoritative media publication sites.

24: Create ebooks

Creating eBooks is one of the latest strategies you can use to increase your off-page SEO. eBooks are so popular these days and almost every blogger using this technique to get some links and traffic.

Create ebooks
Create ebooks

Create an eBook and promote it in your blog and everywhere you can. In the initial stage, you can give it for free to people in exchange for their email address.

Then you can use their email address to send promotional emails and newsletters. This way you will have a nice list of emails and you can use it in many ways.

You can make special newsletters and materials for your email list subscribers and keep engaging them.

You can send newsletters and latest blog post notification to their email. They will back to your site and read your latest blog posts.

25: Stay Up-to-Date

The hard truth about SEO is you can’t rely on certain things for a long time. SEO is changing and wants more efforts.

You should not sleep after creating some links and promoting contents and hopping you have done the off-page SEO.

Stay Up-to-Date
Stay Up-to-Date

This is an ongoing process and needs your effort each day. So keep updating yourself and grab the latest SEO trends.

Google is creating its algorithms and jumbling with the ranking factors. Although the major ranking factors changes occasionally, but the minor factors changes often.

So you have to keep your site up to date with the latest algorithm changes.


So this is the off-page SEO checklist you can follow. In addition to producing new and amazing content, you need to do these things as well.

According to your choice, you can choose some of the things but don’t forgot to build links and guest posts. Doing these things consistently with patient will leads to the top of Google search result.


A tech geek and SEO enthusiastic finding balance between both. I have worked with more than 20 blogs. You will find me exploring the web and reading posts on Medium. Glad you asked!

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