You are watching people and observing how much they are frustrated with their job and how it affects their personal and professional life. So, you decided not to do any 9-5 shit job.  Now the question comes out, then how to make money without a job? Without a job is there any other way to make money?

Luckily there not one or two but hundreds of ways are present from which you have to choose in which field you want to work. This will be better if you make the decision based on your talent or skill, that in which field you can perform well.

30 Internet Money Making ideas

As the options are endless, you will surely find a field which requires the talent that you have. Apart from that working from home or without any pressure also gives you the freedom to focus on personal development and new opportunities.

30 Way to Make Money Without a Job in 2022

Here we listed some ways to make money without a job. Go and check all of them and find in which field you will be more comfortable to work.

1: Invest in Real Estate (Even If you are are not rich)

Yes, you read it write. You can invest in the real estate market if you don’t have so much money. There are a lot of innovative ways available by which you will get a suitable amount of money to invest.

You can mortgage your properties to get a loan from the bank and invest it in crowdfunding real estate companies.

Invest in Real Estate
Invest in Real Estate

If you have the money or you get it by a loan, then investing in the real estate market would be a good idea.

Yes, it requires more capital and more management at first, but the return could be remarkable.

There are many ways to in a real estate market which you can explore later but as a beginner, you should try the two basic and popular ways.

  1. Investing in rental income properties (apartments, condos, duplexes, single-family homes, even vacation houses, and others.)
  2. Flipping fixer-upper home: (Basically, buying houses in bad shape, fixing them up and selling for a profit.)

Investing in a real estate market is a good idea to make money without a job, but there is risk involved. You need a lot of basic knowledge, time and patient to get into the process.

But once you have a property that is established well and has a steady source of tenants, your income will keep growing up gradually.

2: Start Dropshipping

Dropshipping is an order fulfillment business model where a store doesn’t have to keep the product in stock for sells. When a customer orders a product, they purchase the item from a third-party supplier and ships it directly to the customer.

So, you may now ask what is the difference between dropshipping and normal retail sell?

Start Drop Shipping & Get More Passive Income Online
Start Drop Shipping & Get More Passive Income Online

Well, in dropshipping you don’t need to stock products, packages the products and worrying about the shipping of the product to the customer house. These all efforts shift onto the third- party retailer and you get free time to put all your efforts on customer acquisition.

The biggest advantages of this business model are that it requires less capital and you don’t need to purchase an item unless you already made the sale and have been paid by the customer.

This is a good online business model evolving with the increase in online shopping.

As you don’t need to pre-purchase items you sell, then you can offer a different type of products to your customer. When the retailer stock an item, you can list it for sale on your website without any cost.

However, in dropshipping the profit margin is low but is a nice way to make money without a job as all you need is a laptop and a healthy internet connection.

3: Write and Publish e-Book

Are you good at writing? Do you have a passion for writing stories, poems, and dramas?  If yes, then you can make a serious source of income by publishing your own e-book.

You can use platforms like Amazon Kindle Store, Payhip, Smashwords, Public, etc. to publish your e-book and soon after your book will be available to millions of readers within 48 hours.

Write and Sell ebooks & Make Money Online
Write and Sell ebooks & Make Money Online

If you want that more readers purchase your e-books, then you have to be creative and write e-books on topics (e.g. How to become rich quickly, How to develop positive attitude) that force the readers to buy and read.

As Chip Kidd says “A book cover is a distillation. It is a haiku of the story”. So, putting great cover line also make the cover looks attractive.

This not only attracts more readers but also helps to generate more revenue.

Always try to provide value through your book, in this way it will get more reviews and shows higher in results.

While publishing your e-books you can set their price and with the sell of each book, you will get 70% of that price and rest go to the platform where you published it. You can also change the price of your e-books according to demands and popularity.

Yes, writing an e-book definitely takes a lot of time but once it’s done, it can give you a source of passive income for years to come.

4: Start Blogging and Make Money

Nowadays blogging taking the online market by storm. People are earning five figures just through blogging.

Blogging is a method where you have to create your own website it may be on SEO, Technology, Business, Health, Travel or on any niche that you are interested in.

How To Start a Blog
How To Start a Blog

Then start publishing quality contents on it according to your site niche. After that look for advertising platforms like Google AdSense, Infolink, Taboola, Adsterra, Pop cash, Evadav, etc.

They show ads to your readers for which you will get paid and whenever a reader clicks on the ad you will get paid with more.

In blogging, you have to be fully dedicated and also have to put all your efforts into it if you want to grow your blog bigger.

That’s why I mentioned; you have to publish quality contents. Because that will help to drive more and more traffic to your blog and also provide you income for many years to come.

While selecting a niche on which you want to start your website, always choose the one with less competition. In this way, you will get a number of organic traffic to your blog or website.

Then you need to buy a domain name which will reflect readers in the search results. Find someone who will host your domain eg. Bluehost, HostGator, Hostinger, GoDaddy, etc.

On the next step, you need to set and install your blog. Use, or Tumblr to do that. After completing the setup start publishing contents, drive traffic and earn money.

5: Start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a program where you have to review products of different merchants and add a link to the product in the end on your website. So, whenever a person buys a product through that link you will get a commission.

If you have more than thousands of followers on different social media account like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, then you can promote products of different companies on your account.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

Whenever a person buys that product through your affiliate link, you get a percentage of that purchase. The commission varies from product to product.

People are calling Affiliate Marketing as an online money-making plant. Because many people have their online presence and most of them buying something or something. So, if they buy products through your affiliate link, then think how much money you can make.

People use Amazon as their affiliate network but I suggest you use ClickBank, CommissionJunction, MaxBounty because they give more commission than Amazon when you sell their products.

It is not that easy as it seems to be, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do that. There is a number of people who are earning their livings from it, so you can do it easily.

Keep patience if you failed initially. Trusting someone takes time especially when they are suggesting something to buy.

So, before you jump into the ocean of Affiliate marketing, do a-z research on it. Know how to start, what are the basic requirements, its pros, and cons, etc. After getting proper knowledge on it, start affiliate marketing and earn money.

6: Start Interior Designing Business

People are now investing in home décor and designing like never before. Then it’s a great time to start your own interior design business.

If you have the creative skills and knowledge on how to décor a house and make it beautiful, then it is better that you can start own Interior designing business.

First, build a super attractive website because no one is going to take you as a serious interior designer if you can’t create a special looking website.

Start Interior Designing Business
Start Interior Designing Business

Interior designing includes many sub-sectors like basement remodeling, ceramic tiles, decorating artificial flowers, antique furniture refurbishing, custom furniture covers and many more. So, list out the services that you will offer to your customers. Don’t mention the services that you are not going to handle.

The most important thing, no one will come to and ask are you doing interior designing? Would you like to do mine? So, advertise your business on search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

Take your business on social media like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. and advertise there. This will help to drag people to your website where they will see your previous works and might get converted and hire you for décor their home.

Don’t forget to charge what you’re worth. After all, you are doing this for your living, not for social service. At first, you can set the price bit low than your competitors to attract more customers but as your business grows you can calculate how many hours than designing work will take and charge according to it.

7: Work as A Freelancer

Freelancing is one of the smart ways to make money online. Where you can work comfortably from your home for clients from your country or around the world.

No matter which field you are skilled in, it may be writing, translating, graphics designing, handling social media accounts, photo or video editing you will get work and start earning.

Join Some Freelancing Sites & Make Money Easily
Join Some Freelancing Sites & Make Money Easily

There are sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour where you can get your favorite work.

These sites act as middlemen between you and your clients and take a percentage of your earning. So, don’t do work for less money otherwise you could end up earning some few bucks.

You can work at your own speed but keep in mind that there is a deadline for every task and that must be respected.

8: Rent Your House on Airbnb

If you have a spare room in your house and thinking what to do with that, then I’ll suggest you list it on Airbnb or VRBO for renting it to a traveler for short period of time and make money.

You don’t have to do a lot of work for this, just create an account on Airbnb and list your spare room in it. Set the dates and prices and people visiting nearby your area will pay you to live in your room for a few days.

Rent Your House on Airbnb
Rent Your House on Airbnb

How much money you can make is depends upon your location and how nice your room is. The nicer your room, the more money you can earn.

You can also increase the pricing of your room during any big events in your area like cricket or football matches, festivals, and concerts.

If you are living in a busy area, then you can charge more for renting your room for a period of time. In this way, you can make some handy amount of money in a few days.

9: Make YouTube Videos

YouTube is the largest video sharing platform and we all familiar with it.

The number of videos uploaded on it in one day will take more than a month to watch completely.

Become a YouTuber to Entertain and Educate
Become a YouTuber to Entertain and Educate

It is an open platform and anyone can share videos in it. If have any special talent like singing, dancing, acting, mimicking, teaching on any special subject then make videos and upload it on YouTube.

You can also make videos on smartphones, unboxing products, vines, Tips & Tricks, etc. Keep in mind whatever videos you want to make; they should be unique and creative.

This will help you to get more views. The more views your video gets, the higher it shows in the trending list.

Now let’s talk about how to make money on YouTube or how other YouTubers are earning.

YouTube allows you to monetize your channel by putting video ads on your videos for which YouTube will pay you. The greater the number of views your videos get, the more will be your earning.

If your YouTube videos frequently go on trending and get lots of views, then companies will automatically contact you for sponsorship and also give you money for that.

You can also do paid reviews of products like smartphone, tech gadgets, shoes, fashion and health products and so on for which you can charge the companies for more money.

Popular YouTubers are living a dream lifestyle that a job would never give them.

As a beginner instead of thinking how to make money from YouTube, focus on how to create quality content that people will like. Because in this way you can able to get more subscribers and more subscribers mean more money.

10: Work as A Virtual Assistant

Many small business owners are hiring virtual assistants who will help them in their business. So, if you are searching for how to earn money without a job then it will be a good option for you.

Virtual assistants work as administrative and technical support to businesses.

Become a Virtual Assistant & Get Money Online
Become a Virtual Assistant & Get Money Online

Well, you can choose which type of service you can offer based on your experience and preferences. It may be Email management, Social media account management, online research, Writing, Graphic design and many more.

The service you offer and how you manage them is entirely up to you. Although you will work from home in your comfort, you have to finish the tasks on time.

There are some sites like Zirtual,, where you can get clients for which you have to work as Virtual assistant and you will get paid.

11: Become a Delivery Man

Thousands of stuff are ordered online on a daily basis and merchandises are trying it to deliver as quick as possible. So, the courier services that take the onus of delivering the ordered items, hire many delivery boys/girls.

They hire those who have their own vehicle and smartphone, so make sure that you have both if you want to work in a courier service as a delivery man.

Become a delivery Man
Become a delivery Man

They also ask you to deposit the duplicates of your driving license and living address for security purpose.

And after that on delivering a number of items per day, you will get paid by the courier service.

Similarly, the food delivering market is growing rapidly. Companies like Zomato, Swiggy, Dominos, Pizza Hut, Uber Eats are always on the hunt for new riders.

They also give you the flexibility to choose the time zone when you won’t work, delivering food from the restaurant to the customer’s home. By doing this you can earn 25-30$ per day easily at your comfort.

12: Be A Cab Driver

Like buying stuff from online, people are also using online ride services like OLA, Uber, Lyft to book a cab. The online cab service is on-trend and people are using it as a transport medium.

These companies allow car owners to rent their cars for their service, for which they get paid monthly basis or the number of orders you got.

Be A Cab Driver
Be A Cab Driver

After that, they hire a driver who will drive your vehicle. If you don’t want anyone else to drive your car, you can also drive it own for which you will get paid by the company.

To become a driver in these cab booking companies you have to be at least 21 years old with one year of driving experience. You also have to pass a background check which will be done by the company’s official.

After that, you will become an eligible cab driver and start earning a handy amount of income per month.

13: Sell your old stuff

If you look closely inside your house, you will find that there are many unwanted items which you are not using. These items are only taking extra space in your house.

They could be your old clothes, toys, books, sports kits, household knickknacks, gadgets, music CDs, etc.

Rather than allowing these things to clutter up your room space, you can sell them to earn a handy amount of money.

If your house is beside a busy street, you can set up your store just in front of your house. You can also use an attractive banner or signboard to grab the passers-by’s attention, which will help to sell your stuff quickly.

If you don’t want to set up a store to sell all your old items, then take the online root. You can use sites like Amazon Marketplace, eBay, Craigslist, Decluttr, etc. and list all those items that you want to sell.

When a customer buys those items, you will get pay for it. You will instantly get paid on sites like MusicMagpie for sending unwanted items.

14: Take Your Items to Pawn Shop

A pawnshop is a place where you will get a loan with exchange an item that belongs to you.

This is a good option to get some cash quickly but not the permanent source of earning.

They will give you money for a certain period of time (generally 90-120 days) after you pawn the item.

Take Your Items to Pawn Shop
Take Your Items to Pawn Shop

Suppose you pawn your Royal Enfield bike for 750$. When you repay the amount, you have to give some interest on the loan.

If you are unable to repay the amount within the time period, the pawnshop takes the ownership of the item and can resell it.

You can also sell your item to the pawnshop if you do not want to make money on interest.

Keep in mind that the pawnshop owners are re-seller, not a collector. So, if collector values your Royal Enfield at 800$ doesn’t mean that the pawnbroker will give you the same amount.

Always remember to pay the loan, interest, and fees on time. If you don’t pay the amount on time, you may charge with some fine or increase the repay the loan amount.

15: Sell Your Art

If you are artistic by nature and also get rewarded in the past in school or college for your artwork, then you can generate a source of steady income by selling them.

No matter what type of artwork you make it maybe painting, glasswork, handmade jewelry, needlecraft, pottery you can sell them to make a profit.

Take your stuff to an Art exhibition or to a craft fair near your area where you will get genuinely interested buyers.

You can list your items in some online sites. Whenever your stuff gets sold, you will get a commission.

Be careful when pricing your artworks. If you priced them low than the cost of the material you used in it, they will be sold out quickly, but you won’t get the profit. So, always set the price higher to the cost of material used to get some profit.

16: Get Paid for testing Websites and Apps

We all use different websites and applications to surf the internet. But do you know, you can earn money by simply visiting some websites and apps and testing their various features and functionalities.

Yes, it sounds crazy but there are some companies who pay to people only for reviewing their websites.

But finding clients on your own is a tedious task, that’s why sites like Usertesting, StartUpLift, TryMyUI are there to help you.

You can sign up on these sites for free and whenever they have a new site for review, you will get the notification.

Visit the site that is said to be tested and report your feedback. Keep in mind the payment will differ from site to site.

17: Work as A Tutor

Working as a tutor is another best way to make money without a job. If you are graduated and have a special talent on some subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Maths or on foreign languages, then utilize your skills to earn money.

Start Teaching Online & Get $10000 Online
Start Teaching Online & Get $10000 Online

There are some sites like Chegg and Udemy who are looking for qualified students and allow them to create online courses for students who need those courses. You will get paid for creating those courses as users purchase it.

You can also work as a privet tutor and guide kids in their study. For which you can charge 10$-20$ an hour per student.

If you want more parents hire you for tutoring their kids, you can start advertising on local newspapers, hoardings, distribute pamphlets so the chance of getting more student will increase.

18: Sell old books on Amazon

If you were a book worm and your bookshelf is packed with numbers of books which you are not going to read again. Then the best way to utilize them is to sell them and generate some extra source of income.

To sell the books, you can use conventional ways like set your own temporary shop or rent a place in a bookfair or you can use the modern online method to do that.

Sell old books on Amazon
Sell old books on Amazon

While using the online method, there are two ways to sell your books.

First one, you can sell directly to the buyers through the website like Amazon or eBay. In this case, you can set the price of your books and also responsible for their packing, shipping and payment processing.

In the second one, you just have to sell the books to sites like Cash4books, Powell’s, BookScouter, AbeBooks where you get immediate payment.

On this sites, you have to enter the ISBN number of any books, and it will show you if they want to buy the book or not and what will be the price they are likely to give you for that particular book.

Normally these sites act as middlemen who sell your books to buyers for more money. So, If you sell books on these sites, they took over all the responsibility like packing, shipping and payment processing.

You can also take this process to the next level by purchasing second-hand course books at the end of the year and sell them to the newcomers with a profit margin.

For this, you can advertise in the newspaper or on the school/college campus or list them online. But keep in mind that the E-commerce sites take their commission on books sold.

19: Become A Mystery Shopper

If you like inspecting, evaluating and criticizing other peoples’ work then there is a chance that you can earn a handsome amount for becoming a mystery shopper.

It is a type of paid shopping where a company or a customer haired a person and send him to a restaurant, hotels, shops and other places.

Become A Mystery Shopper
Become A Mystery Shopper

Where the person behaves like a normal customer and evaluates his/her experience based on customer service, product quality, the behavior of employees, etc. and in the end, you have to send a report of your experience to the company. In return, you will get paid.

There is a high demand for mystery shoppers and some sites like Best Mark, Market Force, Sinclair Customer Metrics, IntelliShop allow you to apply for it.

As a mystery shopper receive tasks in your local area, it helps you to save a few bucks on travel. Also, avoid tasks that involve eating at a restaurant because the cost of your meal will cut from your payment which reduces your profit.

20: Work as Babysitter

If you like babies and love to spend your time playing with them, then why don’t you apply in the part-time babysitting services.

It is an old fashion way to make money without a job but it is a good one. You can charge 10$-20$ per hour but this will vary from city to city.

Work as Babysitter
Work as Babysitter

The biggest problem is, the market is now saturated and people are preferring teenage girls overgrown man to babysit their kids.

But if you want to give a try in this field, you should start with your friends and relatives home. You can also apply on and where the chance to get babysitting offer becomes more.

21: Rent your House for Shooting/Filming

Nowadays the craze of web series and Tv shows taking the market by storm. So, the directors are always on the hunt for a new house for shooting.

So, by giving your house on rent for filming is a good idea to make money also seeing your own house on TV is a crazy feeling.

22: Make Money Through Pet Sitting

If you just love animals and want to take care of them properly but unfortunately don’t have enough money to buy one. Don’t worry can get a chance to spend time with your favorite animal while receiving money for it.

Make Money Through Pet Sitting
Make Money Through Pet Sitting

Many people have pets, but they don’t have time to take proper care of them. So, they hire people who will pay full attention to their pets that they need.

You can advertise about your service on your local newspapers or community boards. You can also join some pet-sitting websites like, DogVacay, Rover, etc. These sites act as a middleman and connect you with the pet owner who needs a sitter.

23: Click and Sell Stock Photos

We all like to upload beautiful and dashing photos on different social media platforms but few of us are skilled at clicking good photos.

If you are the one who has the skill and passion to click stunning photos, you can make money by listing them online on sites like Shutterstock, Dreamstime, iStock, Getty, etc.

Whenever someone downloads your photos from these sites you will get a commission for each.

24: Cook for Others

Cooking delicious meal is not an easy task for everybody. Even after knowing how to cook, people don’t have time for this activity.

So, they hire people who can cook for them. If you are a whiz in cooking and every dish that you make turns out delectable, then for sure you can make serious money from cooking.

Cook for Others
Cook for Others

Advertise yourself that you are capable of cooking delicious meals for busy people.

You can also offer some extra service like say them that you will buy all the required ingredients when you come to cook, for which they will pay you at the end of the month adding with the monthly charge.

You can also provide your service in big parties, family functions, etc. where you have to work for a few hours and get more money.

25: Rent Some of Your Stuff

Do you have some extra items in your house and don’t using it? Then rent these things and make money from that.

Renting out your things is an easy way to make money without a job. You can lend your items like a vacuum cleaner, power tools, electric appliances to the person who need them and earn money.

There are some websites like Zilok, Rentals, SnapGoods, etc. where you can easily advertise the items that you want to lend. After that, they will connect you with the persons who are looking to rent your items.

These sites provide a contract, which includes a security deposit, which ensures that the borrowers will return the items without any damage. So, that you can perform other tasks stress-free.

26: Start Your Event Management Company

Event management is a type of business model where the event organizers creatively apply their skills to organize a different section of the event for a targeted customer.

The key aspects of organizing an event include planning, visualizing, and executing concepts, as well as coordinating with clients and budget.

Start Your Event Management Company
Start Your Event Management Company

An event organizer should possess certain skills such as planning, communication, client management, budget management, negotiation, multi-tasking, and labor management.

If you possess such skills, then you can try your hand in this field. People are hiring event management companies for events like Meeting, Fashion Show, Parties, Meeting, Conference, Exhibitions, Weddings, etc.

So, you can set different prices for organizing different events. Keep in mind don’t set the cost lower than your organizing cost. Also, include all the detailed information and cost of each component of the event in your budget.

Hundreds of events are organizing each month in your city and the process is continuing. This a business where you have a huge opportunity.

27: Start Your Own Shop

Starting your own shop is a good idea to make money instead of being in a job. In the initial phase, it takes a lot of time, capital, dedication and persistence. But if you are with the right planning, then you can do it.

First, decide what type of shop you want to open or what you want to sell. It may be clothes, jewelry, sports equipment, bakery products, hardware materials and so on. The choices are endless.

Build Your e-Commerce Store & Make Smart Passive Income
Build Your e-Commerce Store & Make Smart Passive Income

Then find out the thing that you are going to sell in your shop, is that has any demand in your area? If not, then your items are not going to sell.

Take a deep walk through your city and notice which products have high demand and which has low. Not forget to mark the competition on each product. This will help you to narrow down your options and finding the target.

Once you figure out what you want to see in your shop, the make it unique so that more customer will come to your store to buy.

No one wants to sell their products with loss. So, take your time to calculate all your spending on the products, then set the price tag in such that you will get a profit when you sell the item.

In this idea, you are your own boss. You will have to take all the decisions and financial calculations. If you manage your shop well then you can earn some handsome income from it.

28: Apply to Be on A Game Show

The gaming industry is now skyrocketing and people are like crazy on it. Do you know you can grab some money through gaming?

Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but it is another good way to earn money.

Now, you may think yeah it is easy to be on a game show. But it not that easy as it seems. Only a few people can apply to be on a game show.

Apply to Be on A Game Show
Apply to Be on A Game Show

Make sure that you are comfortable with being on camera, sometimes you have to stay in the studio for more than 10 hours so be prepared for that.

Before joining the show, make sure that the price they are offering is suitable for you.

There are some websites like Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Who Want to Be a Millionaire, The Price is Right, Wipeout where you can apply to be on a game show.

29: Take Part in Medical Research and Trials

Do you know you can earn a suitable amount of money by just being a part of medical research, drug test, and clinical trials?

There are some clinics of dental and medical varieties who are constantly searching for people to take part in their studies and tests, and also give you wages for that.

Some medical trials are completely harmless, while others have the risk of injuries or side-effects. So, before signing up for a trial or test, carefully read the consequences of the trail.

Before participating in medical research, you may be required to pass a physical exam to know whether you are eligible or not for the test.

30: Recycle Scrap Metal and Tires

If you have large storage space available at your backyard, then you can stockpile old tires and metal and eventually take them down to a recycling plant/scrap yard where you can exchange it for some cash.

This is an industrial option, so if you are not comfortable with these types of items, it is better to stay away from this method of making money.


Though there are plenty of ways to make money without a job and if we start listing them one by one, then the list will be bigger than this article. That’s why here we mention only 30 reliable ways by which you will able to earn as much as you could earn by doing a job.

No matter which field you choose to work, do it with all your passion or don’t do at all. Put all your efforts, it may take time to grow, it may take time to give you the revenue that you are expecting. Don’t lose hope, don’t lose patience once it grows up, it will pay you back for all the efforts that you put in it.


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