It is the break of a new dawn, and another step to greater heights for Mahershala Ali, as he has been given a lead role in one of the world’s most popular movies. He is not a new name or face in the industry, as he has formerly been known by movie freaks all over the world for his outstanding performances and the awards he has won. You must have heard about Green Book, an award-winning movie. Well, if you know Green Book, you know Mahershala Ali.

45-year-old American actor and rapper, Mahershalalhashbaz Ali, professionally known as Mahershala Ali, is set to star in Marvel’s “Blade.” Blade? Yes!

This announcement was made by the Marvel Studios on the 29th of July 2019, during its panel at the San Diego Comic-Con International. The news came as a surprise to Marvel fans, as they were thrilled and excited. In fact, the news is all over Twitter with the hashtag #SDCC, as fans and lovers of Marvel Studios worldwide are passing on the information.

Mahershala Ali is a two time Academy Award (Oscar) winner, for the movies Moonlight and Green Book. He has also won a Golden Globe Award. He has been named one of the most influential people in the world by Time Magazine. Having been in the industry since 2001, he has starred in several movies including Green Book, Moonlight, Luke Cage, True Detective, and also starred in the Netflix series, House Of Cards. He must really be good at what he does, as Marvel Studios have brought him into the limelight again.

The Marvel Studios chief, Kevin Feige introduced the stars and cast of the movie at the SDCC and also made known the titles of movies currently in production by Marvel Studios. These movies are Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3, Black Panther 2, Captain Marvel 2 and a new but intriguing version of Fantastic Four. Truly, Marvel Studios has a lot in store for fans after the Avengers Endgame. The audience present at the SDDC was thrilled by the mention of Mahershala Ali by the Marvel Studios chief. Mahershala Ali went up to the stage, amidst thunderous applause, and embraced the other members of the cast of the movie Blade. Present also was Tom Huddleston, who played Loki in the Thor series.

Mahershala Ali to star in Blade, Marvel reveals at Comic-Con 2019
Mahershala Ali to star in Blade, Marvel reveals at Comic-Con 2019

Well, it is of no doubt that Marvel Studios have always been known to surprise and thrill their fans with great storylines, amazing movies, and outstanding characters. They take their time to select characters who star in all their movies. Their superheroes are loved by people all over the world, such as Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Ant-Man, Black Widow, Doctor Strange, and so many others. The fans truly miss Stan Lee, the Marvel Studios comic writer, now late. It is of no doubt that Mahershala Ali is about to be loved by fans of Marvel movies worldwide, with the way he was applauded on stage.

The movie Blade was first released in the year 1988, with Wesley Snipes as a vampire hunter. Now, Marvel Studios is about to reboot the movie with Mahershala Ali playing the lead role as the vampire daywalker. Wesley Snipes is to be absent in the movie. Due to this announcement, which states the absence of Wesley Snipes in the movie rebooting, several memes have come up on Twitter. You can go on and check them out, with the hashtag #SDDC. Afterall, trending news is current news! Fans are expecting that the movie rebooting is going to be better than the first released. Should we expect that too?

Marvel is rebooting Blade, with Mahershala Ali set to star
Marvel is rebooting Blade, with Mahershala Ali set to star

However, the Marvel Studios chief did not go into much details about the production or release of the movie. In this regard, fans do not know when the movie is going to be released, or what to expect from the movie. This is typical Marvel Studios anyway, never giving us a hint, but blowing our minds thereafter. No one knows when the movie will be released or in what form it will take. Fans have been taken on suspense once again, but are expecting a bombshell. Of course, Marvel Studios never fall short of expectation. Their fan rate keeps increasing with the release of every new movie.

With the bombshell announcement of Mahershala Ali as the new Blade superstar, there’s a lot to expect, as the Oscar award winner has a great talent in interpreting his movie roles very well. Marvel fans certainly did not see that coming, but well, it is here now. They only have to sit back, ease off tension, be patient, and await the release of the blockbuster movie. Movie? No one even knows what Marvel Studios has in store. In what form is the movie Blade coming? Is it going to be a series? A full movie? Divided into parts or what? We obviously do not have the answer just yet.

If you are a Marvel Studios fan, it would be great to let you know that Marvel Studios are growing in leaps and bounds. They have remained undaunted, even with the passing on of Stan Lee of blessed memory. New movies have been springing up, as they strive to keep the fire of Marvel Studios burning. They have decided to surprise everyone with Blade, and fans have shown their massive support, by turning out in their numbers at the SDDC and applauding movie star, Mahershala Ali.

Fans of Marvel Studios worldwide are expecting to see Mahershala Ali on their screens soon. Should he be a star to reckon with? What should we expect? Excellence?  Great role interpretation? Or what? Well, no one has the answer until we actually see the movie. So, get your movie tickets ready and keep your popcorns on standby; a great movie is on the verge of being released!

However, we will keep waiting and hoping for a clearer detail on how the Blade rebooting will be like, and in what form it will take. Till then, Marvel Studios to the world!


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