Videos are everywhere. YouTube is one most popular video content platforms and not unknown to the next person anymore. After Google, YouTube is the second most visited website in the world.

2 billion users logging in every month on YouTube. More than 500 hours of video are uploaded to this platform every minute. We watch over 1 billion hours of YouTube videos each day.

Making a YouTube channel, creating videos and earning money from it is a new trend these days. There are many ways you can earn money from your YouTube channel.

Start a Successful Money Making Blog
Start a Successful Money Making Blog

Let’s see the whole process step by step.

How to Create a YouTube Channel in 2022

Creating a YouTube channel is very easy and just takes a few minutes to complete.

When you want to create a YouTube channel, there are two options. You may create a personal account or company that you own.

In this post, I will show you both the options. You may choose the one that best fits your goals on this network.

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Most steps in this process are the same for both accounts. Show I will show you how to do this.

Note: – I am describing all the steps on the desktop version of the YouTube website.

1. Login to your Google Account

The first thing you need to have is a Google account. You must have a Gmail Id and all you need is this. If you don’t have a Google account then create one.

Login To your Google Account
Login To your Google Account

After sign-in to your account, head to YouTube official website. You will see a light-blue circle on the top right corner with the first letters of your name (if you have not set an ant profile photo in Google account). Click on that.

Then select My Channel.

2. Create your channel

After selecting My Channel, you will be prompted to name your channel. Fill out all the information like your name for a personal channel. If you want to create a corporate channel then fill your company name.

Then click Create channel.

Congratulation! You have successfully created your YouTube channel.

Now its time to customize your channel.

3. Customize your Channel

After creating your channel, you will find an option to customize it. According to your channel niche and requirement, you need to add banners and profile pictures.

Add channel art (recommended size is 2560 x 1414 and, maximum size 6 MB).

Change your profile picture.

Add Featured Channels.

Enable/Disable Popular channels on YouTube.

Add a section if you’d like to create videos on different topics.

Note – YouTube consistently changes the steps. When you are going to create a channel, then these options might change. So follow them accordingly. It would be easy to do as well.

How to Post Videos on Your YouTube Channel

After creating your YouTube videos now its time to upload videos.

Record your video and edit it. Prepare it for upload.

  • Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  • At the top right, select Upload.
  • Select Upload video (beta).
  • Select the file you’d like to upload.

Add Basic info

YouTube Video Basic info
YouTube Video Basic info

In this step, add your basic info about your video.

YouTube Video Title

YouTube Video Title
YouTube Video Title

Add the title of your video. This title would be shown with the video after upload.

YouTube Video Description

YouTube Video Description
YouTube Video Description

Add your description. This info will be shown below your video. You can give a brief description of your videos.

YouTube Video Thumbnail

YouTube Thumbnail
YouTube Thumbnail

This image will see before clicking your video. Make it interesting so that people may intend to click on it and watch your video.

Choose Your Advanced Settings

Select Next and add your advanced settings.

Playlists – Add this video to one of your existing playlists. If you have not created any or want to create a new playlist, then you can do it here.

End screen – Using this option, you can add some visual elements to the end of your video.

Subtitles and closed captions – Upload subtitles and closed captions files if you have any. This is helpful for visually impaired peoples.

YouTube Video Language

YouTube Video Language
YouTube Video Language

Choose the original video language in which you have recorded/edited the video.

YouTube Videos Tags

YouTube Video Tag
YouTube Video Tag

Add some descriptive keywords to reach more audiences. This also helps your videos to be placed in the YouTube search result.

YouTube Video Category

YouTube Video Category
YouTube Video Category

Select the category of your video and categorized it like education or comedy.

License and Rights Ownership

YouTube Ownership
YouTube Ownership

Choose your video license. Standard copyright license or a Creative Commons license.

Comments and Ratings

YouTube Video Comment
YouTube Video Comment

Here you can choose whether viewers can leave comments on your video or not. Choose whether viewers can see likes and dislikes counts on your video.

Preview and Publish

Then select the Preview & Publish tab. Preview your changes and make sure you follow YouTube policies before publishing your video. After processing the video, it would be live on YouTube.

How To Make Money From YouTube

Now you have created a YouTube channel and uploaded videos. What’s next?

Now you can monetize your videos and earn in many ways. People often think that Google Adsense is the only option to make money. But there are many.

Let’s find out.

1: Google AdSense

One of the well-known methods to earn money from YouTube is using Google AdSense. You just need to enable monetization.

This is also called a YouTube Partner Program (YPP). It allows creators to monetize their content by serving various ads.

Make Money From Adsense Account
Make Money From Adsense Account

Off-course YouTube has fixed some rules to be eligible for monetization.

As of 2019, if you want to monetize your YouTube channel through YPP, you have to meet the following criteria.

Watch-Time – In 12 months, your channel must have a combined total watch time of no less than 4,000-hours.

Subscriber Count – Your channel has to have a minimum of 1,000-subscribers.

YouTube increased the requirements to protect their platform from spammers and low-quality content creators.

Their many ad formats and they have their own advantages.

To say frankly, there is no fixed amount Google pays for views. It depends on many factors and often changes as well.

Popular YouTubers are making millions of dollars only from AdSense. This is also the easiest way and you will get paid by Google itself.

2: Affiliate Marketing

The YPP (YouTube Partner Program) offers creators an excellent way to monetize their channels and earn some handy income online.

However, it is not the only option for a YouTuber. Affiliate marketing is also a popular method to earn money.

Make Money From Affiliate marketing
Make Money From Affiliate marketing

Many YouTubers lost their AdSense account because of policy violations and other reasons. So they might use affiliate marketing to earn money.

Companies like Amazon, eBay, etc have their affiliate program. You can join them and start affiliate marketing right away.

According to your niche, you can pick affiliate programs and join them. You can place affiliate links in the description of the video and ask people to buy.

When they make the purchase (or any type of lead) using your affiliate link, you will get paid. This is very useful for tech YouTubers because the possibility is endless.

If you do not belong to this category, then don’t worry, you can also find some affiliate programs as well. Remember that you should promote a product that provides value to your viewers. 

Some companies also provide additional discounts for your viewers. If you found anything like that then don’t miss that opportunity if it provides value to your viewers. There is a higher chance of conversion and reword also higher.

3: YouTube Premium Revenue Share

YouTube recently launched their Premium membership program. This is a monthly subscription-based program. One can easily buy the subscription to get rid of ads.

YouTube Premium Revenue
YouTube Premium Revenue

As there are no ads served for premium members, how would creators get paid? So YouTube pays some revenue to creators from the membership payment.

Depending on the watch-time of premium members, YouTube shares some revenue to the creator. You don’t have to join it additionally. YouTube pays it automatically. This is just another option for creators.

4: Channel Memberships

YouTube introduced the Channel membership feature to encourage creators. This is like a subscription-based service and viewers have to pay monthly.

Creators will need to have 100,000 subscribers or more (over 18) and be members of the YouTube Partner Program.

YouTube Paid Membership
YouTube Paid Membership

This feature allows subscribers to gain access to some members-only posts in the Community tab. As a creator, you can share exclusive live streams, additional videos, etc.

YouTube will keep some revenue share of your members’ payment and give you the rest amount. Although you need to fulfill the criteria first.

5: Merchandise Shelf

In addition to memberships, creators can also make money by selling to fans directly. This is a new future added to the YouTube platform.

You may have seen the merchandise shelf in some channels before. This shelf will be visible under the video.

Creators having more than 10,000 subscribers can offer merchandise items. It includes tee-shirts, hats, phone cases, etc. There are more than 20 different merchandise items you can sale according to your channel.

In this way, viewers can directly purchase while watching your videos. This is also a good way to make some additional money using your YouTube channel.

6: Super Chat and super stickers payments

YouTube wants to give creators more ways to earn money. Super Chat is one of the newest among those.

During the live stream, a viewer can use it to highlight their message in a bright color box and have their comment pinned on the stream.

YouTube Super Chat & Super Stickers
YouTube Super Chat & Super Stickers

Super Chats will remain pinned to the top of the chat area for up to five hours. This gives the message a lot of airtime and creators can notice it. Creator also generates revenue from it.

A few days back, YouTube has added a new element to its Super Chat streamer payment tools. It was named as ‘Super Stickers’. It is a set of cartoonish some animated character depictions, which add to your Super Chat options.

The new stickers will stand out clearly in comment streams. It can get the attention of the broadcaster and other viewers as well.

The initial Super Stickers has eight sticker packs. Five stickers are animated. The cartoon characters have their own name and bio. It is an add-on to live-stream monetization.

7: Sponsorship

Sponsorship is also a good way to earn a handful of money from YouTube. Many popular bloggers are making thousands of dollars using this method.

Make Money From Sponsorship
Make Money From Sponsorship

You can sponsor some products and services on your channel and make money from them. Depending on your niche, you can choose a product and promote that on your channel.

You don’t need to worry about the sale (like in the affiliate marketing). If you have a good subscriber base then you can charge some good amount to them.

Factors That Affect Monetization

YouTubers are always worried about the amount of money they are making.

Many YouTubers don’t realize that there are many factors that affect monetization. The kind of content they produce, along with some other factors.

If you want to increase your YouTube revenue, then don’t forget to consider the below factors.

Factors That Affect Monetization
Factors That Affect Monetization

Content – What kind of content are you producing matters a lot in this video platform. YouTube and advertisers don’t like low-quality and controversial content. Based on your interest or area of expertise, try to create high-quality content.

Subscribers Count – Your subscriber count have the most impact. It plays a huge role in how much AdSense revenue you get at the end of the month. It also helps to attract sponsors to your blog. If you have more subscriber then you can charge them more obvious.

Video Quality – Nowadays video quality matters. If you’re filming videos using your smartphone, then you may consider upgrading to a DSLR. No need to switch from tomorrow. Better quality content can have a higher impact on your viewers and advertisers. Although smartphone cameras now capable of recording high-quality videos.

Engagement Rates – Advertisers are willing to spend more on the channels if they have higher engagement rates. If your video is getting a good amount of likes and comments, then it can improve your monetization rate from the ad.

Popularity – Popularity is a factor that every advertisers and sponsor watches. The simple formula is that the more popular you are, the more you can earn. Being popular on YouTube may take some time. But if you are consistent and your content quality is good, then you can get it quickly.


So these are some of the recommended ways that you can use to earn money from your YouTube channel. Producing videos, editing, and uploading content are like other jobs. It takes time to be successful.


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