Surprisingly, a good number of people prefer to Building Your Own Laptop

instead of simply walking to a store to get a pre-assembled one. While you may not be aware, there are certain reasons for this desire and need to build a laptop.

For beginners, the main benefit is that you get to pick specific parts you’ll be needing to build the laptop. Being able to choose the various parts to make use of gives you the opportunity to own a system that has been perfectly designed for your personal use.

Here Are the Many Options to build your own computer easily.

In addition to that, you’ll be saving a couple of dollars on certain parts that you’ll not be needing. Irrespective of whether you are a seasoned tech enthusiast with knowledge of computers and their various parts or you’re a regular laptop user trying to save money we’ll offer you a guide on how best you can build your laptop.

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Before we dive into how you can build yourself a laptop, it is important that we state clearly that building a laptop is completely different from building a desktop computer. One of the differences between these two types of computers is that desktop computers come with components that have been designed to fit a common or acceptable standard.

Choose Famous Laptop Brand
Choose Famous Laptop Brand

Most of the times, they can be interchanged physically. Laptops, on the other hand, have components that are designed specifically for the laptop’s model. This is why it is not possible for anyone to physically assemble each part of a laptop. However, each person has the ability to pick specific components or parts when they decide to build their own laptop.

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If you are one of those that want to get the experience of building your own laptop, then it is important that you bear in mind that the control you have when it comes to building your laptop will depend on where your laptop is bought as well as the model of the laptop.

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One laptop brand that specializes in installing several parts of a computer for you is the “barebone computer.” While most of the parts have been installed, they allow you to add a few of the other parts like; wireless networking card, local storage, and memory. On rare occasions, most computer manufacturers will allow you to install the Central Processing Unit (CPU) on your own.

Criteria To Look Out For When Selecting Parts To Build Your Own Laptop

The components inside a computer happen to be the main focus of anyone building his/her own laptop. Computers, in general, are made up of different components, and each of these components come with its benefits in terms of performance and cost. When building your own laptop, you can choose certain components like; the storage device, the processor, network card, and graphics card.

Criteria To Look Out For When Selecting Parts To Build Your Own Laptop
Criteria To Look Out For When Selecting Parts To Build Your Own Laptop

This is simply because each of these parts can be interchanged between various computer models. There are also certain components that cannot be interchanged; they include; the screen of the computer, the design, and shape, as well as other essential components that can only be changed between same laptop models.

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To successfully build your own laptop, one of the most important aspects is picking the right components. Once you know the components you want, you can then choose the platform that is ideal for the components. We’ll take a look at some of the main components of a laptop computer to enable you to get an idea of what you want.

1: The Processor

The Processor
The Processor

Otherwise referred to as CPU, the processor has been described as the brains of the computer. Unknown to most people, the functionality of their computers depend mostly on the little chip. It basically determines how efficient your self-built laptop would be as well as the other parts that you may choose. Currently, there are about four categories of mobile processors. They include;

  1. Lower Power Processor: this is currently the most power-efficient processor anyone can get in the market at the moment. They are most of the times used in laptops that need longer battery life as well as those that offer a performance level that is suitable for the regular or casual computer user.
  2. Value: they include the AMD E, Celeron, and the Intel Pentium series processor and that has been designed to be super affordable when compared with the others. These processors are mostly found in low-end computers, but they are capable of offering a certain level of performance that is enough to enable you to carry out simple office place tasks. If you are one of those that need a low-end system, you could have other processors changed for this.
  3. Mainstream: quite a number of laptop computers have at least one of these processors installed. You can choose between the i3, i5, and Intel. While the i3 is just a basic processor, the i5 happens to be an advanced one that places emphasis on multimedia.
  4. Performance: irrespective of what you’re looking for, the performance processor happens to be the best. Currently, the i7 Intel is the highest performing processing unit in the market at the moment. It is available in its “quad-core” and “dual-core” processing units.

2: The Memory Of The Laptop

The Memory Of The Laptop
The Memory Of The Laptop

This is currently where your laptop stores the needed information. It has been described by most people as the desk which employees sit to do their job. There are two ways you can conveniently measure the performance of your computer’s RAM.

  1. Memory size: this is the most obvious way to measure the performance level of your RAM. While some laptops come with 2GB, others are installed with 32GB. While most power or advanced users may settle for computers with a RAM of 16GB, heavy gamers will prefer 32GB. Fortunately for you, you can change the RAM of your computer.
  2. Memory speed: the speed of your memory happens to be in sync with your laptop’s processor. You actually do not have control over this aspect of your laptop. Most of the laptops available in the market today come with either a DDR3 or a DDR4. To find out which one your laptop comes with, you’ll need to check your processor’s specifications.

3: Storage Of Your Laptop

Storage Of Your Laptop
Storage Of Your Laptop

This is simply where all your files are stored. When you want to build your laptop, there are actually a number of internal storage options that you can choose from. However, the one you can choose will depend most of the time on the type of platform that you’re making use of. To help you measure your internal storage, there are actually three ideal metrics;

  1. Storage interface: solid-state drives, as well as hard drives, are currently sold in a 2.5 SATA format. If you want to keep 2.5 storage space free, then it is ideal you make use of this format.
  2. Storage type: there are actually two storage types you can choose from to build your laptop – the Hard Drive (HDD) and the Solid State (SSD). While most people will go for HDD because of its popularity, bear in mind that the SSD is faster and more efficient.
  3. Storage size: currently, you can find SSD’s with a storage space of about 120GB or even up to 1TB. For efficient and increased performance levels, the 256 or 512GB storage space is recommended.


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