Summary of Our Top 10 Best WordPress Caching Plugin in 2022

  • WP Super Cache – Popular Best WordPress Caching Plugin
  • W3 Total Cache – Best Free WordPress Caching Plugin
  • WP Fastest Cache – Free & Premium WordPress Caching Plugin
  • Lite Speed Cache – Free WordPress Caching Plugin
  • WP Rocket – Most Popular Premium Caching Plugin
  • Hyper Cache – Best Caching Plugin for Low Resource Hosting Resources
  • Cache Enabler – Free and Open-Source WordPress Caching Plugin
  • Comet Cache – Reputable WordPress Caching Plugin 
  • Breeze – Free WordPress Cache Plugin
  • WP Speed of Light – Improving the Loading Speed of the WordPress website

Website speed is the most important for Website SEO, There are Many factors are affected on website speed. If Your website in WordPress?, Here are the 10 Best WordPress Caching Plugin for Improve Site Speed.

In the fast-moving world, everyone loves speed. Now we are using superfast internet and no one wants a slow loading website. Google also included the page loading speed in its algorithm. The higher the page speed, the better your search rankings. Although page speed is not everything that defines the ranking but matters a lot. So website owners don’t have any choice rather than applying it.

There is no certain rule that your site should be this much fast or something like that. But it is recommended that your site should load in less than 3 seconds.

So there is a race to speed up sites. There are several things you can do to reduce the load time of your website. But that’s the discussion of another day. One of the easiest ways to speed up a website is caching.

The best thing about WordPress is, you can find a plugin for almost every need. You can find a number of caching plugin in WordPress repo.

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Before going to discuss the best WordPress caching plugin let me clear something. Let’s see what is caching, how caching works in WordPress etc. first.

What is Caching?

In a simple way, whenever someone visits a webpage it loads all the elements. To load different elements, several requests send to the server. Each time someone wants to open a page, many requests send to your server and then it loads and shows. This is the principle of a dynamic website.

The large your website is, the more it sends a request and leads to slow loading. This is where a WordPress caching plugin comes into play.

Let’s say your page has text, images, videos, etc. Whenever someone visits your page, in the backend many requests send to your server and the server responds to the requests. Server pulls the content where it’s stored and in the service to you. In a result, you see the webpage in visual form.

How Does Caching Plugin Works in WordPress?

In the above, you may have got some idea about how dynamic websites work. Rather than discussing the whole technical process of caching, let’s make it simple.

As we discussed above, each time someone visitsa page your server response to several requests. In this way, it consumes a lot of computing power. This process is repeated everytime a user opens a webpage.

Think about a situation when a lot of visitors visits at a single time. Your hosting server has to do a lot of task in a fraction of second. This may lead to a server crash or some errors like 500 internal server error or error connecting database. These problems can be overcome through a caching plugin. 

For the first time when a user requests a page,WordPress caching plugin converts your pages into static pages (cache) and stores it. The storing of static pages and the overall mechanism varies from plugin to plugin. Now when a new user requests the same page the caching plugin serves the cache HTML page instead of sending a request to the server. So it results in fast loading.

Now, when a second user requests the same page, instead of querying the database, cache plugin serves the pages from the cache which reduces the server load, and your website will load faster.

Caching is extremely helpful if you are using shared hosting. As you know, shared hosting plans are puts limit on various aspects like bandwidth, CPU, etc. So you might not get unexpected warnings like exceeded CPU limit or exceeded bandwidth.

This is how WordPress caching plugin works and helps fast page loading.

Best WordPress Caching Plugins in 2022

So now you are ready to install the best WordPress caching plugin and speed up your site. Great.

Before doing that, let me clarify something. Hosting service providers provide different type of server environments for different plans. And some hosting provides like Kinsta provides in-built caching. So make sure that your site is slow and not have any caching plugin offered by hosting service provider.

There are many caching plugins available in the WordPress repository. From that, we have tested many free and paid plugins also. Then we are come up with this list of best WordPress caching plugins.

Do remember that almost every caching plugin do the same job. Installing more than one may lead to conflict and server might act annoyingly. In this article, we have listed both free and paid to cache plugins.

Note – Before installing any caching plugin, run a speed test of your site. There are many page speed test tools available but we recommend, Pingdom or GTMatrix. Before installing any one plugin, test your site speed and keep a note of the stats. Repeat the same process and observe the difference.

1: WP Super Cache

If you are searching for caching plugin in the WordPress repository, then most probably you will see it in the top 3 results. WP Super Cache is one of the most popular caching plugins. Now it has 2+ million active installations.

WP Super Cache is a beginner friendly caching plugin. It is easy to install, easy to configure and use.

WP Super Cache
WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is a free and open source plugin that does not require an upgrade. It includes all recommended caching features that you will ever need to speed up your site. This includes page cache, cache pre-loading, advanced cache preload,gzip compression, CDN support, and more.

One of the important thing about this plugin is it provides various modes of caching. With the simple mode, you can easily use. One mode named Expert Mode and it needs some advanced technical skill and helpful for developers who needs extra control over the caching process.

WP Super Cache Plugin Reviews
WP Super Cache Plugin Reviews

You have 3 options to configure this plugin to cache files like Mod_rewrite, PHP & legacy caching. We recommend you to set Mod_rewrite.

This plugin provides a preload mode for sites which are not consistently updating. Using this feature you can preload and set expiry time. Another best parts of this plugin are the garbage collection. Your caching directory will fill and leads to slow down. Therefore WP Super Cache runs garbage collection and clean old files. Overall it also gives you a good performance boost.

2: W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is also a very popular caching plugin having 1+ million downloads. It is also the most advanced caching plugin which offers many advance mechanism.

The main part of the plugin is its configurations. It has several tricky setting which needs some technical knowledge and often quite difficult to understand. Developers can easily configure this but a beginner will face difficulty.

W3 Total Cache Plugin
W3 Total Cache Plugin

This is a free plugin and offers all the features you ever need in caching. This includes page cache, CDN support, limited minification support, object cache, gzip compression, and more.

The latest version of this plugin offers easy integration with CloudFlare so that you can configure CDN in minutes.W3 Total Cache is the only caching plugin that works on every hosting like shared hosting, dedicated server hosting, etc.

W3 Total Cache Plugin Review
W3 Total Cache Plugin Review

It also offers support forSecure Socket Layer (SSL)and  Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). The plugin claims that you will get at least 10x boost in overall site performance after configuring this.

It saves 80% bandwidth by minifying and HTTP compression of HTML,JavaScript CSS, and feeds without having any negative impact.

The configuration process is quite difficult but the features you get is incomparable.

3: WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache is also a well-known WordPress caching plugin. It is one of the simplest plugins you can use for caching.

WP Fastest Cache Plugin
WP Fastest Cache Plugin

WP Fastest Cache is available for free as well as the paid version. If you intended to buy its paid version then you have to download the free version of the plugin from WordPress repository. Then you can find the option to purchase the premium plan on the setting page of this plugin.

WP Fastest Cache Reviews
WP Fastest Cache Reviews

The best part of this plugin is the setup process is very easy. You don’t need to modify the .htacces file of your site. It will be modified automatically. The setting page is also very simple and just a list of checkboxes with information about each setting. CDN and SSL support are also available.

Mod_Rewrite is the fastest and easiest method used in this plugin. The free version of this plugin hasminification of HTMLJavaScript and CSS, desktop caching. In the free version, you can also get browser caching and GZIP tools.

4: Lite Speed Cache

LiteSpeed Cache is the newest member in the caching space but became popular in a few times. 

LiteSpeed Cache Plugin
LiteSpeed Cache Plugin

It is an all in one site acceleration plugin having a collection of optimization features. The best thing about this plugin is attractive and easy to use user interface.

LiteSpeed Cache Plugin Reviews
LiteSpeed Cache Plugin Reviews

It minifiesCSS, JavaScript,HTML and automatically generates critical CSS. It also provides support for Cloudflare CDN. In addition to that, it provides all the basic features that other plugins are providing.

This plugin has a free and paid option available.

5: WP Rocket

WP Rocket is the most premium caching plugin until now. It has been in the industry from 3 years and the best option to choose.

The configuration process is easy and if don’t have any technical skill, you also can setup it without hustle. As soon as you activate the WP-Rocket plugin it starts working and takes care of most caching options and optimization.

WP Rocket Cache Plugin
WP Rocket Cache Plugin

Image files take time to download and take more time. That’s why it comes with lazy image loading which ensures that images are only downloaded when someone scrolls to them. So this helps in speeding up web pages having a lot of images. They also provide easy integration with CloudFlare CDN.

WP Rocket has one unique feature included the optimization of Google Fonts. We have not seen this feature in any caching plugin yet.

Brocken Link Checker Plugin Reviews
Brocken Link Checker Plugin Reviews

It also offers cache preloading, Gzip compression, page caching, and HTML and JavaScript minification as well. The setting tab is the only a list of checkbox having information associated with it.

WP Rocket has 3 pricing plan to choose. Single plan costs $49 for one website, Plus plan supports 3 websites costs $99 and the Infinite plan supports unlimited website and costs $249. All the plans come with 1 year of support and update.

6: Hyper Cache

Hyper Cache is a caching plugin that is made to speed your website. It can be used in shared hosting and on high-end servers as well.

Hyper Cache Plugin
Hyper Cache Plugin

It has no complex configuration and one can easily configure it within a minutes. It has separate caches for both mobile and desktop users, and an extra feature handles the caching even in the traffic spikes.

Hyper Cache Plugin Reviews
Hyper Cache Plugin Reviews

It has Autoclean feature to controls the cache used disk space and cleans the junk cache files when needed. Hyper Cache has bbPress specific integration also. This plugin works with embeddedYouTube videos and images.

7: Cache Enabler

Cache Enabler is also a little-known name in the caching space. This an ideal plugin for those who don’t want to dig dipper in the configuration and want to make the process simple. So this plugin comes with easy setup and one can setup it within a minute. The setting dashboard of this plugin contains an only checkbox and some input field and you just to choose the option from the dropdown list.

Cache Enabler Plugins
Cache Enabler Plugins

It supports 304 Not Modified if any page has not modified since last cached. Cache Enabler is the first WP plugin that allows you to serve WebP images without JavaScript and moreover it also fully supports srcset since WordPress 4.4. New image formatWebP provides lossless and lossy compression for images on the web.

Cache Enaber Plugin Reviews
Cache Enaber Plugin Reviews

The best thing about this plugin is the setting dashboard is very easy to use and contains the option that is necessary and a non-techy guy can understand. Moreover, the setting provides the necessary information so that you have the clarity to understand that option.

8: Comet Cache

Comet Cache is previously known as QuickCache. This plugin works in a unique concept.

Comet Cache Plugins
Comet Cache Plugins

The plugin serves snapshots toalmost all the visitors to give faster reading experience to. Like another plugin, it does not serve cached HTML pages to usersthose who have recently left a comment or logged in.

Comet Cache Reviews
Comet Cache Reviews

The setup process is simple and well-documented so that you can complete the process within a few minutes.

In the free version, they provide limited features. They have also a paid version number of advanced caching features.

9: Breeze – WordPress Cache Plugin

Breeze is also a WordPress cache plugin that gives simple to use interface. It promises to deliver static files with high efficiency and focus on three different areas like performance, convenience, and simplicity.

Breeze WordPress Cache Plugin
Breeze WordPress Cache Plugin

One main highlight of this plugin is it has built-in Varnish support.If Varnish is not installed on your hosting server, Breeze will detect and utilize its internal cache mechanism to boost up your site.

Breeze WordPress Cache Plugin Reviews
Breeze WordPress Cache Plugin Reviews

10: WP Speed of Light

WP Speed of Light is an advanced caching plugin having a number of options. The dashboard is quite simple and the options are only toggled buttons and contain detailed information.

WP Speed of Light Plugin
WP Speed of Light Plugin

Like some other plugin in this list, WP Speed of Light also provides easy CDN integration. It also compactable on WordPress latest version and have Gutenberg auto cache cleanup on save.

WP Speed of Light Plugin Reviews
WP Speed of Light Plugin Reviews

This plugin has a free and paid version. If you need some additional features then you can switch to the pro version.

Comparison Of Best WordPress Caching Plugin in 2022

RankPlugin NameRatingActive Installation
1WP Super Cache4.3/52,000,000+
2W3 Total Cache4.3/51,000,000+
3WP Fastest Cache4.9/5900,000+
4Lite Speed Cache4.9/5600,000+
5WP RocketN/A753,819+
6Hyper Cache4.4/530,000+
7Cache Enabler4.3/570,000+
8Comet Cache4.5/570,000+
10WP Speed of Light4.3/510,000+

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So these are some of the best WordPress caching pluginsyou can install to boot your site performance. It is quite difficult to recommend one single caching plugin for you because it depends on various factors like your server configuration etc.

To get the best result, test one or two plugins in your site and compare the result. Although site speed depends on various factors, you can see the site loading boost after installing one caching plugin.


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