What is Tumblr?

Tumblr is a social networking website that allows users to post different multimedia contents to form a short blog. It was founded by David Karp, in the year 2007. With Tumblr you can discover new things, express yourself and even connect with people. It helps you to meet more persons and relate to them vividly. In This Post, We Discuss on Best Time To Post on Tumblr.

When Is the Best Time To Post on Tumblr?

It is really important to find the right time to post on your sits, because it helps you a lot, especially in growing your online audience. Timing is very important to buy the quality of your content should be attractive. In as much as most Tumblr users are students or workers, your timing should correspond with their free time from work or school, so that they can have a view of whatever you post on your Tumblr.

When Is the Best Time To Post on Tumblr?
When Is the Best Time To Post on Tumblr?

The best time to post on Tumblr depends on the person handling the site, Are you ready to follow up and see what other sites and followers are up to? It is necessary to know your competitors so that you can up your game and work better on the contents of your site before you post them.

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There is an exact time for posting your contents, you only need to consider the time or dates when you will catch more persons, such as during public holidays, school closing dates or night.

  • Tumblr is very active at night, so you tend to gain more audience then. Most persons even feel more relaxed to check social networks when they are relaxed at home than when they are at work or busy with some pieces of stuff.
  • Best Days To Post On Tumblr: The weekend is another best time to post on Tumblr because Tumblr is more Active During Weekends. From Monday to Thursday(7pm-10pm) you can upload a post on Tumblr. During the weekends’ workers are mostly home, and have more time to spend with their cellphones and even go through the different social networks to know what’s trending.
  • Best Time To Post On Tumblr: You can still post after the Hours of 10 pm because Tumblr is very busy during the evenings and at night. You can use Tumblr’s Scheduler to delay your posts till weekends or evenings. Your posts will automatically post by itself once it gets to that exact time or date that you set on the scheduler.

No one said posting on Tumblr at your choice of time is wrong, but the importance of posting at the right time will help make sure that the right people see your content and it can even cause traffic in your site. Your choice of time might be the wrong time for your viewers to see and once you post in the wrong time, your post can not be seen as a recent post on the search result.

If you’re able to use the right timing and nice content, your site tends to change in views and even your followers on your site might increase. Tumblr is a social network where people visit regularly, so the content in your site and your general timing matters because what you have or showcase is what helps you to drag more popularity or even sell out more goods if what you’re posting is about your business or stuffs you sell.

Best Time to Post Art on Tumblr
Best Time to Post Art on Tumblr

You might need the help of some internet wizards to help you out to set and organize your site in such a way that it’s going to be very very attractive to both the already existing followers, who probably weren’t taking note of your activities and your new followers.

Although during the weekends you can upload a post at any time because most users are going to have more time to check your post. You can save your best contents to be posted at this best time so that you can attract more users to your site. Why posting at these exact times seems to be necessary or useful is because when a user searches a specific tag, the Tumblr search result displays the most recent contents.

Time is Important for Posting On Tumblr

Tumblr is most active on weekends than most social networks. Time is everything and a very important factor in whatever we are doing. The best time to post on Tumblr also depends on the individual experience and you need to know your followers too, although you can reach out to new followers when your posts are of high quality and good content. It’s not all about the timing, your timing might be right and your post will not be interesting for your followers or new followers to even get attracted or even want to stalk and wait on a newer post.

So in as much as you work on your timing, working on your content is also very necessary.  Posting on Tumblr at night is necessary to the activeness at night, it doesn’t matter if it’s a weekday or weekend day.

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Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have different timing to post. But during the weekend’s social network sites are overpopulated, because students of colleges and high school are home and even workers too, except a few who might go to work for during the weekends and work for a half-day.

You can use Tumblr’s publish on and queue features, that is if you’re in a different time zone, it helps you to post your content at an exact date and time you set or want your post to be published. Posting at late hours can be better for reaching new followers since more persons are online. And it’s also very important you post frequently on Tumblr, but let your posts be tangible enough.

Your site should also have a focus and do not lack posts so that as you get more new followers, you can have enough content to get the more attracted. Posting any relevant content on Tumblr when no one is online or a few persons who might not even have an interest in what is in your post, it will be good as useless. So to get the best timing, you need to know your followers and let your content be relevant enough to keep people glued to your site.

Know the best time to serve your followers with a chilled post.


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