This article, the major focus would be on how to add resume to LinkedIn account. Since we have established that LinkedIn is a modern and very effective platform for both job seekers and professionals to interact, then obviously there should be provisions for all the basic requirements in the job seeking. These requirements could include your resume′ and other certificates. With that in mind, then obviously, the foremost online networking platform for professionals should have a space for resume′s.

We would now turn our attention to how to properly make use of this provision made. Eventually, we would also turn our attention to a common error that people make. First, how and where not to add resume′ to LinkedIn.

The Wrong Approach or Common Error when Adding Resume to LinkedIn

It is very common for job seekers to want to get their resume′s “out there,” in as many places as possible. This is most likely because you want to get the most visibility. This could prompt you to want to simply upload your resume′ to LinkedIn. Although it is possible that more people would actually see it, in this case, “more” is not necessarily better than “less.” 

This is because it could pass along the wrong message to the recruiters and hiring managers. The message being, you do not have a proper grasp of the platform and are not proficient enough in its usage.

Rather than just uploading your resume′ to LinkedIn, you could instead focus on building up your LinkedIn profile content so that it could serve as a resume′ in its own right. This is because, for those using the platform, LinkedIn could serve as an even better role of advertising a person than a standard resume′. This is because it allows access to all of your past experiences and projects.

Hence, it would be in your best interest to personalize your profile content to contain as much about you as possible (without posing a security threat to yourself, of course).

Now that we have successfully established how and where not to post your resume′, we will then move forward to where and how to actually post the resume′ (for those who would like their resume′s to be attached to their accounts).

The Proper Approach to Add Resume to LinkedIn Account

It was mentioned in the previous section not to upload your resume′ to your LinkedIn because it could give the impression that you are not proficient with the platform. Here is why. On the platform, there is an appropriate position for the resume′ among your profile content. That space is available in your top header. It is underneath your name, after your headline and summary.

This space allows you the user to upload various files to this section together with other profile content. Its use extends beyond resume′ only. It could also be a wonderful place to upload portfolio links, previous article you have worked on (or those you are working on), and slide decks. Let us not forget the resume′.

On this space, various text formats can be uploaded. These text formats include .doc, .docx, .txt, .pdf, .rtf and .odt formats.

So, if there is an appropriate space for your resume′, why upload it anywhere else?

How to upload your resume to LinkedIn anyway

Since we have discovered “where” to add resume′ to LinkedIn, we will now tackle the “how” to add resume′ to LinkedIn.

  1. First, click on the edit icon in the top right corner (the slanted pencil).
  2. Then scroll down to the Media section of the resulting page.
  3. Following that, click on Upload.
  4. When your files are displayed, select your resume′ file and click on it.
  5. When the preview of the file comes up, add Title and Description.
  6. After that, click on the Apply tab.
  7. Finally, click on the save tab to save (obviously) and return to your profile.

To upload your resume to this LinkedIn profile section:

1: First, click on the edit icon in the top right corner

Step 1: click on the edit icon in the top right corner
Step 1: click on the edit icon in the top right corner

2: Scroll down to the “Media” section.

Step 2: Scroll down to the “Media” section.
Step 2: Scroll down to the “Media” section.

3: Following that, click on Upload

Step 3: Following that, click on Upload
Step 3: Following that, click on Upload

4: Select your resume file

5: Add a Title and Description.

Step 5: Add a Title and Description.
Step 5: Add a Title and Description.

6: Click “Apply”

Step 6: Click “Apply”
Step 6: Click “Apply”

7: Click “Save” to Return to Your Profile

Step 7: Click “Save” to return to your profile.
Step 7: Click “Save” to return to your profile.

Although the older versions allowed users to import their resume′s, that option is no longer available. But you should not be discouraged by that. This is because LinkedIn allows you to tell much more about yourself and your career than any resume′ would allow room for. Here, the recruiters want to know as much as possible about you and your career.

So, all the vital details should be included. This time you do not have to restrict yourself by summarising your roles in projects or other endeavors. The more informative the content of your LinkedIn profile, the greater the job opportunities that are open to you. So, do not just make your LinkedIn profile an exact copy of your resume′. Instead, see it as an avenue or means to thoroughly explain and expand on your resume′.

The recruiters and hiring managers may not explicitly state this in their requirements, but, it does not hurt when you do things the right way. So if you want to, you know where and how to add resume′ to LinkedIn. On the other hand, you also need to make use of your LinkedIn profile to the fullest extent possible. Do not miss important opportunities because of neglect but instead expand your possibilities.


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