Dipslaying Code In WordPress Posts

Learn how to display code in your WordPress posts through the use of the WP CodeShield or SyntaxHighlighter Plus plugins.

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Can themes style the visual editor?

This tutorial shows about how to style the visual editor. Things like typefaces, headings, image padding and borders, etc. can easily be set by the current theme making the visual editor… more WYSIWYG. All it takes is a stylesheet and a small function in the theme’s functions.php file:

Display Gravatar & Autofill Fields for Previous Commenter

This tutorial will help you to display gravatar & autofill fields for previous commenter in your WordPress site.

Is Your WordPress Website Distributing Malware in Google Image Search?

Here you can get the answer for is your WordPress Website Distributing Malware in Google Image Search? in this article.

Create a Custom WordPress Plugin From Scratch

You are going to learn about the implementation of a WordPress plugin starting from scratch in this tutorial. The plugin will connect to an external OSCommerce database and display random products on your WordPress site. It also implements a configuration page for the WordPress admin panel.

10 Code Snippets WP Theme Developers Should Have on Speed Dial

One of the ways we endeavor to improve productivity when building WordPress templates is to have snippets of code available to us very quickly, through the use of tab-triggered shortcuts.