Dipslaying Code In WordPress Posts

Learn how to display code in your WordPress posts through the use of the WP CodeShield or SyntaxHighlighter Plus plugins.

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Creating basic theme templates

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40+ Stunning WordPress Portfolio Themes

WordPress is the most popular blogging and CMS platform out there. The vast amount of features and the flexibility it provides, one can create mind blowing themes for it. Here is a round up list of the most stunning WordPress themes, created specifically for displaying your design portfolio.

Put your dormant domains to use with WordPress

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Split Your Long WordPress Posts And Pages

If you feel that the article you are writing is too long you have two options. One option is to split the article into a series of posts (part 1, part 2 etc), thereby giving visitors a reason to subscribe and return to your site the following day or week. Another option is to use the nextpage option...

Displaying WordPress Site Data Via jQuery Charts

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